How my kids ruined Christmas for themselves

So one year, when my kids were about 5 and 7, my kids ruined Christmas. How did they manage to do that, you ask? Well let me tell you the cautionary tale from a few Christmases back.

I would always hide my purchases in the closet in my room and I had a strict rule that you didn’t go into moms closet or drawers.  We don’t have a lot of storage because I live in a condo with no garage, only a carport.  I didn’t worry too much  – though I did camouflage them from little eyes if they happened to be playing or needed to get shoes.  My kids never even thought to look for gifts prior to the holidays – no really, they told me after the disaster.

They were hanging out with a few new neighborhood kids that had moved in a few months before a lot. So, according to them, they went to this one girl’s house and she showed them where her mom hid her presents for Christmas. My kids couldn’t believe that this was a thing. She said “Your mom probably hides them in her closet too, you should check.”

My kids didn’t believe her and so resolved to check when they got home. Lo and behold, that is exactly where I had hidden their Santa gifts. Unfortunately for all of us. Apparently they were very excited because they still believed that Santa would bring them gifts and that these were just the one’s that Mom and Dad had purchased. They said nothing.

Fast forward to Christmas morning … they get up and find the gifts left by Santa (we never wrap Santa gifts). They were confused. So when we got up and came out and asked what Santa had brought, they said “nothing”. We were confused now. That is when they told us that they had found the gifts in my closet weeks before. UGH!

Now, we had to think fast. Do we tell them no Santa? NO, I couldn’t do that. They were too young. So thinking on my feet, I said “Well no wonder Santa didn’t come, you were naughty. So you just got what Dad and I got you.”  They bought it. At least they said they did. LOL.

The lesson they learned is that if they want to be surprised on Christmas, don’t look for the presents.

Santa or no Santa, that is up to each family.  My mom always told me that if I didn’t believe, Santa would stop coming, so some part of me still believes, or at least thinks fondly now that my mom is gone. That is what I ultimately went with when Santa was questioned, I doubt that my kids believed much after the disaster year.

I hope your kids don’t find their gifts. Merry Christmas Y’all!

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